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About Us


Known as “The More Music Station”, Music Radio 97.1FM has continuously lived up to its promise stated in its slogan “More Music, Less Talk”.  It remains Trinidad and Tobago’s only pure Adult Contemporary station. We also earned credit as being the preferred ‘at-work’ station, piped through most corporate offices and retail businesses.


Music Radio 97.1 has consistently claimed a leadership position in media surveys for over twenty years and is always in the Top 3 stations in overall ratings.  It is part of Trinidad and Tobago’s media legacy in many ways having been the fourth station to broadcast in the twin island republic.  Music Radio 97.1 FM has delivered special segments that have become industry benchmarks including Motivation Minute; Song of the Day; and Baby Talk.


The format cuts through ethnic and religious boundaries; perhaps it is this neutral position that has allowed us to stay on top.  Music Radio 97.1 FM is a comforting companion to all on the daily journey of life.  Music has no colour or bias, only rhythm and emotion. Music Radio 97.1 can be nostalgic, consoling, invigorating and inspiring…all through the universal language of song. 


Music Radio 97.1 FM thanks all our Loyal Listeners for making us your number 1!

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